Friday, January 11, 2008

Food that looks like barf, but tastes great!

Have you ever noticed how so much great-tasting food looks like, well, barf? Think of all the casseroles, soups, stews, burritos, even pizza that you've eagerly and happily shoveled down your gullet despite the fact that the food looked just like vomit. We're dedicating this blog to the idea that you should never write off a food item because it resembles puke, because chances are, it'll still be good to eat.

We want to hear from folks out there who know and love a favorite dish that resembles throw-up. We want you to send recipies, pictures, and stories about how you first tasted this particular dish. We also want you to share your special trick for making the dish look less like barf, whether it's a garnish, a paper umbrella, or something else.

Simply email We'll post these stories, pictures, and recipies on the blog for all to see and share.

Remember, it has to taste good AND look nearly like, or exactly like, barf.


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