Monday, January 14, 2008

Monjyayaki Looks Like Barf

While planning this site, we sent a call out to our globe-spanning social networks looking for examples of food that looks like barf. More than one person submitted "Monjyayaki" as an example of great-tasting food that appears to be pre-digested.

Monjyayaki is a pan-fried dish featuring chunks of delicious-sounding bits of food, served up in a liguidy/doughy substance that gives it a special, how do you say, "Je na sais barf."

from Wikipedia: "The mixture is far runnier than okonomiyaki (a similar dish), and it has a consistency comparable to a pool of melted cheese when cooked. It is then eaten directly off the grill using a small metal spatula." Even the way you eat iut gives me dry heaves. I shall have to try this sometime.

At the risk of retiring this topic before the blog even gets going, I give you, "Monjyayaki:"

Do you have any Monjyayaki recipes, secrets or experiences to share? Leave them in the comments!

*Photo credit: "+fatman+"

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1 comment:

mnminnyc said...

As a woman, I speak for the (I'm sure) legions of us out there who appreciate your homage to FTLLB. As a personal fan of Okonomiyaki, I know that it is delicious, but looking at that clip of its cousin, Monjyayaki, I did indeed feel my gorge rise and I thank you.

Why? Because I enjoy that burning sensation in the back of my throat? Nay!

But because I also got a nice chuckle out of it too...

Keep up the good (gross) work!